1. The mixed exhibition, which is planned to be organized within the scope of the International Symposium on Technological Sciences and Design (ITESDES), will accept works from all art disciplines and sub-disciplines.

2. Each artist can participate in the mixed exhibition with a maximum of 2 works that have not been published on any platform/media before.

3. In the design process of the works artists have the freedom to use all kinds of methods, techniques and tools/equipment that are customized, singular or mixed.

4. Applications to the mixed exhibition can be made digitally through the email address (itesdes@giresun.edu.tr) until 20.05.2022.

5. To design an imprint describing each work, information about the work must also be added to the submission. Exhibitor Information Form must be filled completely and sent to itesdes@giresun.edu.tr with the image of the work.

6. The work must be in 300 DPI resolution and JPEG format.

7. The participation fee for the exhibition is 200 TL. The second work of the same artist is 150 TL.

8. Certificate of Participation and an e-catalogue will be given to participants.

Note: The exhibition is open to all disciplines, especially Painting, Printing, Photography, Ceramics, Tile, and Traditional Turkish Arts (Carpet-Kilim, Illumination, Calligraphy, Miniature and Textile).